Willowick Drive

Project Name

Willowick Drive

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Bryan, Texas



About This Project

Located near the Miramont Country Club in Bryan, The Arkitex Studio was commissioned to design this patio home with richly styled traditional details, well-suited to the subdivision. The garage extends forward with a vehicle terrace area at the front entry alcove. A rear two-level porch overlooks the adjoining golf course, and allows exterior access from the living area and upper bedrooms. With its traditional soft brick and cast stone accents, the home coordinates beautifully with the surrounding homes.

This home is an example of a “zero lot line” development. This means that the house is built next to the property line on one side of the lot, but setback distances are doubled on the other side, creating a large side yard. (In this way, separation between buildings is maintained, but the lots are used more efficiently.) The challenge of designing this type of home is in accommodating a clients space needs with issues of privacy and vehicular access. Texas architects The Arkitex Studio, were able to successfully complete the Willowick Drive project by working closely with the clients, the community, and staying true to sound architectural design elements.