Capsher Technology II

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Capsher Technology II

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College Station, Texas



About This Project

The most distinctive feature of the architectural expansion to the College Station Capsher offices is the glass-and-steel transparent link. A terraced roof makes the transition from the single story original building to the two-story expansion. A Y-shaped monumental stair with stainless steel details is framed by curtain-wall system, which gives the effect of a terrific glowing connection between the two structures. Exterior materials are continued from the original building, and include split-faced concrete masonry units with bands of burnished blocks, glass in dark bronze frames, tan plaster and dark bronze steel sunshades.

The addition by The Arkitex Studio includes thirty-one new individual offices (including two executive offices) and a conference room. Service spaces (electrical rooms, toilets, storage, elevator and stairs) are designed on the west side, which allows them to block the afternoon sun from overheating the more transparent offices. The crescent-shaped parking lot was extended to accommodate additional parking while protecting the larger trees on the site.