CS Science Park

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CS Science Park

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College Station, Texas



About This Project

The Arkitex Studio was brought on to address the CS Science Park project conversion of an existing 168,000 square foot electronics assembly plant into a new science research and development park. Developing the architectural design posed multiple challenges, not the least of which was a long and disparate program of requirements. This multipurpose program included: 34,000 square feet of office space; 35,000 square feet of analytical, wet, biosafety, and optics labs; clean rooms and machine shops; the corporate headquarters for the developer; 95,000 square feet of leasable lab space; and a restaurant.

Although the structure itself lent itself to reuse, the change in use along with the diverse nature of the labs and sensitivity´┐╝ of the research performed in them, combined with the office and food service spaces located in the building, required the design of an entirely new mechanical system. Careful attention to architectural layout and finishes allowed the different types of spaces to maintain individual and appropriate characters: the lab spaces are functionally clinical while office spaces present a more corporate atmosphere. The end result is a building in which the lab and office spaces support each other without hindering the function of either.