Our Saviour’s

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Our Saviour's

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College Station, Texas



About This Project

Texas architects, The Arkitex Studio, began this project as the Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church congregation determined that it was necessary to relocate in order to prosper. A master plan was developed that included fellowship, education, administrative and worship facilities. Phase One includes education, office and interim worship/fellowship space. A future phase will include the permanent sanctuary.
Initial architectural design concepts were created by a cross parti, which organized the layout by function. Though the concept evolved, the parti can still be seen in the plan. Important to the congregation was the overall image of their new building — especially having a defining element to “look like a church.” The architects designed a steeple element to mark the center narthex, the point from which the organization originates. Light glows through translucent panels, creating a “beacon of light.” In keeping with a traditional church image, materials for the new facility include large-scale masonry, cast stone and metal roofing.