Stata Phase I

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Stata Phase I

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College Station, Texas



About This Project

StataCorp is an internationally known statistical software development company that was in need of a new campus for expansion. The Arkitex Studio assisted the owner with evaluating different sites for their proposed campus. The master plan that was prepared included a production building, a management building, a research building and a park. The first building housed all of the departments with the understanding that when the next building was built, some departments would move out. Bryan-College Station based architects, The Arkitex Studio, began the first phase of building with 18,000 square feet, including executive offices, programming offices, technical support offices, and production space that includes packaging, storage, shipping and receiving. The design of the building’s exterior reflects the use of the building on the inside. The office areas have continuous ribbon windows that allow light to transfer to the interior offices with the use of interior sidelites and transoms. The production area required greater wall area (and therefore has smaller openings) but still allows light to enter the building.