TAMU Computer Services Center

Project Name

TAMU Computer Services Center


Building #0516 Texas A&M Main Campus College Station, Texas


Higher Education

About This Project

The aesthetic of the Texas A&M Main Campus Computer Services Center was that of an institutional basement.  Small closed-in spaces, painted concrete block, and low ceilings typified the spaces of this project.  Leaders of the organization wanted to both improve the aesthetics and make it a showcase to draw people into the space.  The Arkitex Studio accomplished these goals by using a clean, modern design with a very open plan.  Glass walls create transparency where possible and, though we often associate high-tech and modern design with metal or concrete, wood was incorporated to give a high-end feel and a sense of warmth.  The wood is also applied in innovative ways, to create a sense of the unexpected.  A circuit board served as inspiration for the floor plan.  This manifests itself in the combinations of straight and curved lines as well as the shape of the spaces.  In additional to material and architectural elements, the high-end technology needs were a primary factor in design.  In the operations center, one main wall is a 36 foot wide video wall.  The conference room, also known as the ‘war room,’ uses the latest touch screen video conferencing.

Photography by Charles Davis Smith, AIA