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About Us

About Us

At Arkitex Studio, every project we undertake has a unique set of challenges. Our favorite projects are those with seemingly impossible constraints. We pride ourselves on being great problem solvers who can devise custom solutions that help companies, organizations and communities succeed. As designers, we deliver beautiful and sustainable environments that function well resulting in our clients enjoying an exceptional project experience that brings ideas and design to life.










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The design process is just that, a process. At Arkitex Studio, we rely on our knowledge of the design and construction process and guide our clients through discussions, providing insights and options for them to be empowered to make decisions confidently.

The three pillars below guide our approach.

Working with Arkitex Studio will not be a transactional relationship. We are committed to listening to our clients and guiding them through the overall creative process. We use various techniques to listen and gather information, which ultimately influences our designs. When the experience is behind us, our clients feel represented in the design process and confident in the outcome.

WE EMBRACE INCLUSIVITY AND COLLABORATION We realize that our clients are composed of various stakeholders and interested parties that want their voices to be heard. Our team designs projects in an approachable manner to ensure our clients feel comfortable expressing their ideas and concerns. The result is a collaborative partnership where all the project stakeholders are part of the process and a community of confidence in the design solution. Whether that includes the local community and neighborhood groups, building committees, or simply engineering and construction partners.

We are more than designers, we are advisors and consultants to our clients. Having a consultative nature ensures that our team will be responsive to your project, budget, timeline and most importantly, to any concerns you may have along the way.

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Founding Principal Emeritus | cburris@arkitex.com

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“Our new Arkitex-designed buildings not only capture the vision and spirit with which we want to inspire our staff, but we are also enjoying an increase in interest from our business partners and our customers. People just enjoy coming here.”



“I believe that trust is a critical element in any business relationship, but in the architect/developer relationship, it is quite literally make or break. I trust The Arkitex Studio.”

John W. Clanton


“We enjoyed working with Charlie Burris and Arkitex very much, and would highly recommend him to design a house. Our house is large (11,000+ sq. ft.) and is situated among many very mature live oak trees, with elevation changes. We asked Arkitex to design a house which would fit within the live oaks, without destroying any of them, and provide great lines of sight down through the trees. The final design was superb, and a big reason is that Charlie “lived” in the house every day (in his mind), envisioning interior and exterior sight lines and making sure everything fit in proportion to its surroundings. Probably the best compliment we can give is that after living in the house for four years, we would do nothing different.”

Tom and Janet Whitener


“The Bank & Trust acquired a property at the busiest intersection in Bryan to be redeveloped as a branch bank. We wanted it to be a “showpiece” for TB& T, a new banking organization trying to make a substantial first impression. For us, it was a decision to either tear the existing building down and start all over or remodel the 1950s contemporary structure to accommodate a retail branch and bank operations. We called on our friends at The Arkitex Studio, Inc. to help us work through it. Ultimately, we decided to improve the existing building and grounds and, today, this former restaurant property is the most talked about branch banking facility in our community. We could not be any happier with the final product and our relationship with The Arkitex Studio, Inc., a first class group of professionals.”

Tim Bryan, Chief Executive Officer


“We interviewed several architects for a large custom home outside of Brenham. There was something magnetic about Charlie Burris that clicked with both of us immediately. We had a fair idea of the general layout of the home we wanted, and at our initial interview we went over our “wish” list in detail and Charlie assured us they would take each item to heart. During the process, Arkitex returned all forms of communication in a very timely manner. Our questions and concerns were addressed head-on. Explanations were given with simplicity such as why certain design specifics would not work for us, saving us from mistakes we might have made with another firm. As a result , time was not wasted by a lot of revisions. We absolutely LOVE our home. People just don’t believe us when we say that after living here 5.5 years there is absolutely nothing we would change about the design.”

Sandra Ruth Appelt

Beautifying the Brazos Valley one project at a time

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At Arkitex Studio, we are passionate about helping our clients bring their vision to life. We do what we do for the people and communities we serve which is why the person is at the center of our designs.

We are passionate about…
There is more to architecture than four walls and a roof. Every project is special. Every client is unique. As designers and creatives, we are drawn to the stories, the people, and the cause behind each project. Those notes fuel our passion for creating inspiring spaces for life to take place and for communities to thrive.

We believe that as architects, we have the ability to make an impact on our communities, our industry, and even the world. We can live life a little greener by employing sustainable design principles in all we do. To us, sustainable design is more than a plaque on the wall. It’s about making deliberate choices that are socially, environmentally, and economically responsible.

We are lucky to have long-lasting relationships with our clients and project partners. Our customer-centric culture empowers our professionals to be approachable, responsive, and transparent. When challenges arise, we can easily navigate tough conversations because there is established trust in the relationship.