Faith-Based Project

Friends UCC sought the expertise of Arkitex Studio to envision and strategize their future building expansion. With a thorough facility assessment, a careful analysis of site conditions and an understanding of future needs of the church, Arkitex Studio embarked on developing a master plan that harmonized with the congregation’s mission statement while considering the available resources at hand.

Close collaboration allowed for a deep understanding of the congregation's aspirations and ensured that the project aligned with their vision. Regular presentations to the full congregation played a vital role in garnering support and fostering a collective sense of ownership over the project.

This collaborative journey between Friends UCC and Arkitex Studio was fueled by a harmonious blend of shared vision, effective communication, and meticulous planning. The resulting renovations and addition not only fulfilled the congregation's immediate needs but also positioned Friends UCC for a thriving future, ensuring their space would support their mission and values for years to come.