St. Thomas Chapel

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St. Thomas Chapel

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College Station, Texas



About This Project

St. Thomas Episcopal Chapel was constructed in 1938 and remained virtually untouched or updated since that time. The challenge of this project was to provide the needed updates without changing the character….in other words, make the improvements invisible. The existing robing room was renovated to accommodate required storage and changing areas. The former sacristy, whose function has been replaced by a new sacristy in the main church, was converted to a passage and storage area. All existing wood work was carefully cleaned, repaired, and refinished: walls, floors, and all furnishings. A new roof was installed, which allowed opportunity to conceal needed electrical wiring to the new pendant light fixtures. All mechanical and electrical systems were replaced. New custom lighting was designed and installed. Our lighting consultant was Gandy Squared Lighting Design, and decorative fixture design, rehabilitation, and production was by Two Hills Studio. In addition to the chapel, site work was also completed to improve drainage and aesthetics, and a bell tower was added on the grounds. This project is a good example of historic preservation, where history can be maintained while allowing needed updates to occur.

Photography by Charles Davis Smith, AIA