First Baptist Church

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First Baptist Church


College Station, Texas



About This Project

A new master plan for First Baptist Church had among its objectives updating the older campus and buildings while enhancing its ministry functions.  This required a complete evaluation of all existing space uses, creating a program of space requirements that reflected projected needs 10-15 years into the future, and creating a new exterior façade design that would integrate older and new building components.  Two important considerations in the plan were the large amount of flood plain land and the impact of a projected street in the CS thoroughfare plan.  With a strong focus on community outreach, this church houses a large food pantry program, which became a significant component of the program.  This was one element that required church security considerations.  The final master plan solution was derived through interaction with a broad membership as well as the planning committee and resulted in a cleverly phased logical order of implementation.  While final decisions as to phasing have not been finalized, a new Children’s Building would allow all the vacated interior space to be used for redistributed components of the church which currently lack adequate space.  The planned Community Ministries building would aid in maximizing outreach efforts.  The updating of the Worship space was also stressed as important.  The conclusion of the presentation included exterior images that portrayed a greatly modernized façade to blend with the new Children’s Building addition.